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Virtual Meetup

Come attend our virtual meetups at The Calligraphy Foundation (TCF) for a lively and enriching experience! Although we acknowledge the immense distances that separate us, advancements in technology have facilitated a deeper sense of connection. Our virtual meetups provide a platform for our amazing community to interact, exchange ideas, and gain knowledge from one another while remaining comfortable in their own homes.

We provide two categories of meets – open sessions accessible to all participants and exclusive meetups only for our paid members who have bought membership. These virtual meetups are recurring events, offering an excellent chance to explore the subject of calligraphy. Each gathering opens with a topic of interest for discussion to create a lively atmosphere before we move into more casual conversations.

With a harmonious blend of friendliness and a modicum of formality, our virtual meetups foster an atmosphere that allows you to be authentic and have candid conversations with other community members. These events provide a wealth of valuable knowledge and networking opportunities, regardless of your level of experience with calligraphy or your artistic goals.

Take part in these collaborative and imaginative digital meetups. Travel beyond geographic borders and celebrate the rich diversity of our Indian calligraphy community by exploring the beautiful art of calligraphy with TCF

Upcoming Meetup

Upcoming Virtual Meetup

The Power Hour: Glimpse of Spencerian
Brushstrokes to Pixels : Crafting the Perfect Artist’s Portfolio
Bontanical Line art : A Journey into art of Floral Illustration

Raghunita Gupta

Managing Director

To Connect us


How can one contribute?

If you’re interested in contributing, let us know your preferences while contacting us. We feature individuals based on their experience, so if you have specific criteria in mind, mention it during your contact. If you’re unsure, express your interest, and through discussion, we’ll determine the best segment for you.

Information you need to share while contacting us?

Provide us with your name, residential city, Instagram or social media link, and your portfolio/resume. Additionally, share a detailed paragraph outlining your calligraphy process, scripts you practice, achievements, and any other information that helps us get to know you better.

Are these features chargeable?

No! Currently, we don’t charge. Selection of artists is based solely on their outstanding work. It’s free of cost; all we need is your time and dedication.

How are interviews conducted?

Upon finalizing your feature, you’ll receive a consent form with basic terms and conditions. Once you agree, share your complete details, and questions tailored to your profile will be sent to you. Answer within the given time frame, and your responses will be published. Currently, interviews are text-based only.

What is a Knowledge Nugget?

In our newsletter, a Knowledge Nugget is a dedicated segment featuring resourceful articles that provide valuable insights and tips for calligraphy enthusiasts. These articles cover a wide range of topics, including scripts, tools, and helpful hacks etc. If you have information related to calligraphy that you’d like to share, feel free to connect with us.

What's "Happening around the community"?

If you or your organization has participated in an event related to calligraphy, we invite you to share the complete details and relevant images with us. By providing a comprehensive write-up of the event, you contribute to our newsletter’s community section, allowing us to showcase and celebrate the vibrant activities within the calligraphy community

How will contributing benefit you in the TCF Newsletter?

TCF, with a community reach of 23k+, is India’s first registered NGO dedicated to calligraphy. Your contribution will connect you with fellow calligraphers, enhancing your reputation in the field. The well-framed features will leave a lasting impression in the calligraphy community, providing a documented record of your contribution.

Do you feel that something is lacking or have suggestions for improvement?

If you have any insights to enhance our platform or if you wish to join us as a volunteer, we extend a warm welcome. Feel free to fill out the contact form provided below or send us an email directly at newsletter@thecalligraphyfoundation.com with your details. Your input is valued as we strive for continuous improvement.

Past Virtual Meetups (2023)

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