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Callichapter Artist’s meetups

Learn the art of calligraphy and become a part of the Calligraphy Foundation’s dynamic community of practitioners. We work with a wide range of partners, such as individuals, groups, libraries, cafes, and museums, to host interesting artist meetings that bring the city’s creative community closer together.

At our gatherings, we bring calligraphers together to share work, learn from one another, and honor this ancient art form. The varied locations of these events, from quaint cafes to thought-provoking museums, guarantee an exciting and enlightening experience for all who attend.

All levels of experience are welcome at our gatherings, from professional calligraphers to those just beginning out on their creative path. These get-togethers span a wide range of subjects, and depending on the location and theme, admission might be either free or charged.

Discover the realm where art and community come together by checking out our upcoming events. Come and be a part of our community that values the art of calligraphy and seeks out others who feel the same way.

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