चलो साथ मनाएं शब्दो और भारतीय संस्कृति की अभिव्यक्ति का जश्न!

11th December 2023

Countdown to celebration

Navankur Sulekhan


Workshops & Meetup

Upcoming Workshops

देवनागरी से दोस्ती

Starting from 4th Week of Sep

Magical Minuscules of Copperplate

Starting on 1 July 2023

Pointed Brushpen Lettering

Starting from 2nd week of April

Instructor: Rajat Agarwal

  • Starting from 7 Jan 2024

Instructor: Binny P

  • Starting from 25 Nov 2023

Instructor: Ekta Chahar

  • Starting on 28 Oct 2023

Upcoming Meetup

Past Virtual Meetup
Past Virtual Meetup
Past Virtual Meetup



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "The Calligraphy Foundation"?

The Calligraphy Foundation is a National Trust which works towards the cause of Calligraphy.

Is “The Calligraphy Foundation" registered?

Yes, the foundation is registered as a National Trust under INDIAN TRUST ACT 1882.

What are Callichapter?

Calli-chapter is an initiative to create region wise  groups to connect with the community.

Who all can learn Calligraphy?

Anyone who has an inclination towards this art form can learn it.

How "The Calligraphy Foundation" works?

The Calligraphy Foundation organizes Events, Workshops, Meet-ups awareness programmes and talks about different topics of Calligraphy.

What benefits will calligraphers get from the foundation?

Calligraphers will get an opportunity to connect with the community and share and gain knowledge from like-minded people. 

What are the benefits of Callichapter?

Smaller Calligraphy communities in our own region can help us connect in a better way as we can reach pan India and spread a word about Calligraphy.

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