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Our Mission


To create awareness and provide education about calligraphy.

TCF Core Values

Our Goal

Goal of The Calligraphy Foundation is to create a proper curriculum of calligraphy as per the academic requirements and a space for Calligraphy enthusiasts to exchange ideas, study methodically, and revive lost scripts. It aims to attract and nurture quality mentors with empathy having a passion for the growth of self and others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Calligraphy Foundation is a National Trust which works towards the cause of Calligraphy.

Yes, the foundation is registered as a National Trust under INDIAN TRUST ACT 1882.

Calli-chapter is an initiative to create region wise  groups to connect with the community.

Anyone who has an inclination towards this art form can learn it.

The Calligraphy Foundation organizes Events, Workshops, Meet-ups awareness programmes and talks about different topics of Calligraphy.

Calligraphers will get an opportunity to connect with the community and share and gain knowledge from like-minded people. 

Smaller Calligraphy communities in our own region can help us connect in a better way as we can reach pan India and spread a word about Calligraphy.

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