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Umang Conference Hall & Darshanam Gallery No.2, IGNCA, Janpath, New Delhi

Akshar Mahotsav

The Calligraphy Foundation’s Akshar Mahotsav is one of its awareness-raising initiatives. We are working constantly

National Crafts Museum & Hastkala Academy, Bhairo Marg, New Delhi

Navankur Sulekhan

Introducing “Navankur Sulekhan,” a vibrant celebration of artistic expression through the ageless mediums of paper,

देवनागरी से दोस्ती

Originating in the 8th century, this script has evolved to serve more than 35 Indian

Testing Purpose

What to Expect: Introduction to Floral Illustration: Dive into the basics of floral illustration, understanding

Bontanical Line art : A Journey into art of Floral Illustration

Join Us for “Botanical Line art”: A Journey into the Art of Floral Illustration! Are

Brushstrokes to Pixels Crafting the Perfect Artist’s Portfolio

We look forward to having you with us for “Brushstrokes to Pixels: Crafting the Perfect

The Power Hour: Glimpse of Spencerian

Join ‘’The Power Hour: Glimpse of Spencerian’’ In this one-hour introductory session, we’ll look at

Expressive Watercolor Florals

Join the “Expressive Watercolor Florals” virtual session In this session, we’ll have a quick look

Explore Movement Drills: Your Gateway to Calligraphy Journey!

Join us for our 32nd virtual meetup with mentor Binny P., hosted by The Calligraphy

Join us for our 33rd Virtual Meetup led by Raghunita Gupta!

Join us for our 33rd Virtual Meetup led by Raghunita Gupta! This session is perfect

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