About Akshar Mahotsav

The Calligraphy Foundation’s Akshar Mahotsav is one of its awareness-raising initiatives. We are working constantly toward promoting the use of paper, pens, and ink. Moving in the same direction, we encourage understanding of this blooming visual form of writing by celebrating “World Calligraphy Day” in India as Akshar Mahotsav (Akshar = letter, Mahotsav = festival, which when combined stands for the festival of letters). Through this event, we connect with the calligraphy community in India and encourage them to develop their artistic abilities and express them in unique ways.

Abhishek Vardhan Singh and Ekta Chahar are the minds behind the concept of Akshar Mahotsav’23. You are all cordially invited to take part in an unforgettable journey of artistic expression and cultural exploration where the magic of Indian culture comes alive through the pen strokes. Witness the mesmerizing beauty of calligraphy entwined with the essence of Indian traditions, languages, and scripts.

Why Are We Celebrating Akshar Mahotsav ?


We are bringing together calligraphers from all over India. Our goal is to foster a strong calligraphy community and connect them with artists from various disciplines. We currently have a chain of calligraphers connecting from all over our country, practising various scripts.


For a thorough study of the scripts, we are attempting to provide comprehensive materials. It encompasses knowledge of the origins, development, and shifting functions of diverse scripts from antiquity to the present.


Inspiration, in our opinion, requires connection. We want to bridge the gap between youth and the masters . We have a committed council of honorary members who are the pioneers in this industry and a great source of inspiration & direction.

Sulekan Kala Pradarshani

Sulekhan Kala Pradarshini is a physical exhibition showcasing the rich heritage and artistic excellence of calligraphy in India. This exhibition highlights the diverse scripts used in different regions of the country. It brings together calligraphers who specialise in these scripts to display their masterful craftsmanship and creativity.

The exhibition serves as a platform to celebrate and preserve the beauty of Indian scripts, promoting their cultural significance and artistic value. By holding such an exhibition, we aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art of calligraphy.

This exhibition holds immense value for the younger generation as it offers a glimpse into the intricate artistry and cultural significance of Indian calligraphy.  By witnessing the exhibition, the younger generation can develop a deeper connection with their heritage, fostering a sense of pride and motivation to carry forward the legacy of Indian scripts and calligraphy for years to come.

Glimpse of Akshar Mahotsav'23

Sulekhan kala pradarshini


Session / Talks


Exhibition & Live Demo


Group Activity

Akshar Mahotsav '23:Itenary


Note: 5% of each ticket will be directed to an Educational NGO. So with each ticket you are buying, you are adding a beautiful stroke to a child’s heart.

14 years +

Note : 10% discount for registered members

Team Akshar Mahotsav '23

Raghunita Gupta

Managing Director

Rajeev Khare

Art Director

Abhishek Vardhan

Executive Director

Shiva Gupta

Chief Operating Officer

Ekta Chahar

Program Manager 

Avni Khurana

Program Manager 

Arif Khan

Communication Designer

Sandhya Singh

Organizing Coordinator

Manoj Kumar

Program Convener

Yash Rajoria

Organizing Coordinator

Shah Kulsum

Organising Coordinator

Prakhar Pratap Singh

Organizing Coordinator


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