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Join the All India “Navankur Sulekhan” Summer Camp for an exciting online calligraphy experience! This camp offers various sessions to improve your calligraphy skills and explore related subjects.




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Day 1 - Sat, 1st June'24

Faux Calligraphy

(12:00 to 13:00 PM)

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Faux calligraphy means making fancy writing without special pens. In this session, we’ll learn it using pencils! We’ll start by understanding what faux calligraphy is, then we’ll pick our favorite pencils, learn how to make thick and thin lines, break down the alphabet into easy parts, and finally, we’ll choose our cool writing style and how can you use that in your projects! <br>

  • What is faux calligraphy
  • Materials that can be used
  • How to fill strokes
  • Alphabet breakdown
  • Choosing your style 

Calligraphy in shapes

(14:00 to 15:00 PM)

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Explore a whole new side of calligraphy where letters dance with shapes and forms. First, nail down the basics like letter shapes, spacing, and flow. Then, dig into the fun part: blending calligraphy with different shapes! Whether it’s squares, circles, or wavy lines, we’ll learn to fit letters snugly inside. With lots of practice, you’ll sharpen your eye for design and tap your creativity in calligraphic art!

  • Introduction to different types of brush pens and suitable paper.
  • Learning basic strokes to master brush pen control.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of brush pen calligraphy.
  • Practicing alphabets with an exemplar to improve lettering skills.



Day 2 - Sun, 2nd June'24

Book Markmarks

(12:00 to 13:00 PM)

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In our fun bookmark session, we’ll learn to make bookmarks that keep our place in books without poking out or falling apart! Imagine never losing your page again! We’ll use special paper and learn the perfect size for our bookmarks. Then, we’ll discover three cool types of bookmarks we can make. And the best part? We’ll decorate them so they last a long time! Get ready for a crafting adventure where you’ll become a bookmark-making pro!

  • Picking the best paper for your bookmark.
  • Learning how to select the right size for your bookmark.
  •  Learning about three different kinds of bookmarks you can create
  • Adding decorations to make your bookmark sturdy and long-lasting

Experiments with broadedge tools

(14:00 to 15:00 PM)

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Experiments with broadedge tools
Broad edge tools are very versatile. We use these tools for writing different scripts. Apart from this we can use these tools for making different shapes and patterns. In this workshop we will explore a very different side of broadedge tools.we will learn how to play with the strokes to make various beautiful patterns.

  • Understanding broad edge tools
  • Recognizing their usage to form beautiful shapes and pattern
  • A demonstration on writing with these tools”

Day 3 - Mon, 3rd June'24

Gift wrapping paper using brush pen

(12:00 to 13:00 PM)

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Are you passionate about sustainability and looking for creative ways to reduce waste? Do you want to add a personal touch to your gifts while also helping the environment?. Then this workshop is meant for you.
In this workshop we will explore innovative ways to turn waste paper into beautiful gift wrapping materials. From old newspapers to Amazon delivery boxes and brown recycled paper bags, we’ll learn how too transform these everyday items into unique and eco- friendly gift wrap solutions.

Here’s what is expected:
1. Enhance Creative Skills : Practice basic brush calligraphy strokes and form words
2. Application of Calligraphy skill : Apply the knowledge of Calligraphy script and create a beautiful product.
3. Analysing Skills: Discover the potential of various materials and explore the
4. Hands on Practice : Get hands on experience as we guide you through the process of creating your custom gift wrapping paper.

Poster Making using Chisel Markers

(14:00 to 15:00 PM)

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Chisel markers have angled tips that require a specific angle to achieve the desired result. Creating a normal artwork versus making a poster is different. Posters need to be easily visualized, attractive, yet should express a clear message. This session will cover how to make posters using chisel markers.

  • Learning to use chisel markers effectively.
  • Understanding the basic rules of poster making.
  • Exploring how to compose a poster using chisel markers.

Day 4 - Tue, 4rth June'24

Watercolor Florals

(12:00 to 13:00 PM)

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Get ready to bring beautiful flowers to life with watercolor paints! In our watercolor florals session, we’ll learn easy techniques to draw stunning flowers on paper. We’ll take it step by step, from picking the perfect materials to creating three different types of flowers. Plus, we’ll add two kinds of extra elements to make our artwork pop! By the end, we’ll combine everything we’ve learned to make a gorgeous final masterpiece. Get ready to let your creativity bloom!

  • Choosing the right materials
  •  Learning to draw three types of flowers
  • Adding two types of elements to complement the flowers
  • Combining everything to create a final artwork


(14:00 to 15:00 PM)

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Handwriting is a mirror to our emotional and mental state.
Did you ever notice how it varies as per your mood?
Handwriting and calligraphy may seem similar, but they’re not quite the same.
Let’s learn some basic yet super effective tips to improve our handwriting.

  • Understand the differences and similarities between handwriting and calligraphy.
  •  Learn tips to improve your handwriting.
  • Find practical ways to use handwriting in your daily life . 

Day 5 - Wed, 5th June'24

Hand lettering with flat brush

(12:00 to 13:00 PM)

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Ever wondered what you can do with that flat brush in your art kit? Well, one cool thing is making fancy letters with it! We’ll learn how to do that and even add some colors! Get ready for a fun session where we’ll explore the magic of flat brush calligraphy.

  • How to choose the right size of brush
  • How to hold the brush for the proper effect – angle matters
  • Alphabets using a flat brush
  • General tips on how to practice it efficiently

Devanagari Calligraphy

(14:00 to 15:00 PM)

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Devanagari script is a popular script used across India, with most languages written in it. In this session, we will be discussing the basics of Devanagari script. 

  • Difference between script and language.
  • Basics of writing in Devanagari script.
  • Discussions on variations in writing.
  • Resources to learn better.

Day 6 - Thu, 6th June'24

Creative envelope Making

(12:00 to 13:00 PM)

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Hand written cards and letters in envelopes are go-to gifting items that hold so much love and thought. But getting envelopes can be heavy on the pockets. But what if we can make our own pretty envelopes with just few materials readily available at our homes and stationery stores.

In this session, we will:

  • Explore different papers for crafting envelopes
  • Learn essential folding techniques to create envelopes with ease
  • ⁠Explore ways to personalize envelopes with ribbons, stickers, stamps etc.
  • ⁠Learn easy ways to address the envelopes crafted during the session

Brushpen Calligraphy

(14:00 to 15:00 PM)

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Brush pen calligraphy is a modern technique using specialized pens readily available in the market. In this session, participants will learn how to effectively handle these flexible-tip brush pens, select suitable paper to prolong the lifespan of the brush tips, and the art of writing with them. Get ready to improve your writing skills with brush pen calligraphy! 

  • Introduction to different types of brush pens and suitable paper.
  • Learning basic strokes to master brush pen control.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of brush pen calligraphy.
  • Practicing alphabets with an exemplar to improve lettering skills.

Day 7 - Fri, 7th June'24

Scrap Booking

(12:00 to 13:00 PM)

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Has anyone ever told you that scrap isn’t scrap anymore? It can be turned into beautiful keepsakes! Yes, scrapbooking is an art where we reuse the bits and pieces of remaining papers and embellishments from your previous projects to create cherished keepsakes.
In Scrapbooking we will learn how to use scrap paper, gift papers newspapers and pictures from your old books to create an interesting book cover and project files in creative manner. In this we will be covering 

  • How to make base sheet of different colors and cutout shapes of around 5 styles
  • Choosing colors of sheets of your project according to your subject and theme of the project files.
  • Cut out shapes and templates for headings.
  • Cut out shapes and templates for matter.
  • Adding motifs and photographs related to your projects.

Create Greeting

(14:00 to 15:00 PM)

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Embark on a colorful journey blending artistry with precision. Learn about:

  • Introduction to chisel markers and their unique features
  • Techniques to create bold and vibrant designs
  • Learn about composition, typography and essential elements in effective poster design
  • Experiment with layering, shading, and blending to add depth and dimension
  • Gain confidence and discover the power of visual communication

Day 8 - Sat, 8th June'24

Explore Oil pastels

(12:00 to 13:00 PM)

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Oil pastels are super fun to use because they’re like crayons, but better! They’re easy to work with and make our drawings look awesome. Learn cool tricks, like blending colors smoothly and using the right techniques for awesome textures! Join us to boost your drawing skills for that extra grade in your next project! 

  •  Knowing the difference between hard and soft pastels
  • Exploring cool texture techniques
  • Learning to blend colors like a pro
  • Creating our amazing artwork

Bubble lettering

(14:00 to 15:00 PM)

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In our bubble letter class, we’ll learn how to make letters look bouncy and fluffy, like bubbles! We’ll start by understanding what bubble letters are. Then, we’ll draw them step by step. We’ll learn the whole alphabet in bubble style. Lastly, we’ll add colors to make our letters look 3D! All we need are pencils and colors to make our letters pop and bounce. Get ready to have some fun with your words!
–>> What are bubble letters?
–>> How to draw bubble letters step by step
–>> Bubble letters alphabet
–>> How to add colors to give a 3D effect

Day 9 - Sat, 9th June'24

Competition* 1

(12:00 to 13:00 PM)

Theatre Workshop

(14:00 to 15:00 PM)

Day 10 - Sun, 10th June'24

Competition* 2

(12:00 to 13:00 PM)

Closing of the camp/ Feedback/ Certificate distribution

(14:00 to 15:00 PM)

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What age range is this camp for?

(Ages 8-16)

Is this an online or in-person camp?


What dates and times will the camp take place?

There are two sessions in one day. Timings :  12:00 – 13:00 Pm & 14:00 – 15:00 Pm

How much does the camp cost?


What is the registration process?

Visit the website and register under All India “Navankur Sulekhan- Summer Camp

Is there a deadline to register?

30 May’24

What technology will be used for the camp?


Will there be recordings of the sessions available?

No recordings will not be provided. It’s a live session only.

What calligraphy styles will be covered in the camp?

All topics are listed on registration page with the information. Kindly go through all the details and choose the desired topic.


What skill level is this camp designed for?

Beginners level

Will there be opportunities for campers to receive feedback on their work?

Yes. There will be a homework submission process for the feedback.

How can parents or guardians contact the camp organizers with questions?

All queries are accepted on mail ( ) if that’s not listed in the website.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

Through foundation we do it for underprivileged students.

Will you be providing certificate for this camp ?



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